New LCD TV Manufacture: EQD


Where is this company based out of?

Info from their about us page

EQD is an LCD TV manufacturer that offers consumers a wide-range of best value, high-quality, high-definition LCD TVs and monitors for the ultimate digital entertainment experience. The company is committed to delivering LCD TVs that meet or exceed the quality and feature sets of other major U.S. LCD TV brands but at a significantly lower price -- so that all consumers can enjoy digital products without paying high prices. EQD covers its products with an unprecedented 24-month warranty and its products are priced up to 20-percent below its closest competitor.

Founded in November 2008, EQD offers LCD TVs under its Auria brand name in a wide range of sizes from 16- to 47-inches that deliver crystal clear HD images, a high contrast ratio and quality sound. The LCD TVs come in a sleek, black piano finish suitable for any room placement and affordable enough to use as a flat-panel computer monitor or an extra TV. The company’s full line of HD LCD TVs is available through major online retailers such as, Tiger Direct, Newegg, PC Mall as well as regional retail stores throughout North America.

EQD was developed by a team of consumer electronics veterans to establish a business model based on the lowest cost structure of any supplier, steady channel partnerships, online marketing and a fresh view of bringing best value products to consumers. Especially relevant in a changing economy, EQD is structured to offer customers the lowest possible pricing with the same quality and service as other major U.S. LCD TV brands.

Believing that it owes more to the community than just products, EQD has partnered with the Armed Forces Foundation and Miracles for Kids to donate a percentage the company’s profits to each organization. For more information about these programs, please visit the following websites:


I just bought the Auria 42" 1080p LCD HDTV EQ4288 which was a product for Black Friday on Newegg. Got this puppy for $399. I had never heard of this brand before but because of the price and Newegg's reputation (I have been buying from them for 15+ years), I decided to take a chance and get it. I will be receiving it tomorrow. Hopefully I get a good TV. I will post back when I put it through its paces.


Have had this TV since November 2010 (posted two posts up). All I can say is this is the best investment I've made since I don't know how long. The picture is great, TV works great. For the first time I now have a widescreen LCD TV and HD TV channels. Can never go back to watching regular TV again. My other regular TVs now look like crap and I used to think they looked great. The only thing I can knock about this TV is the remote. The beam is really narrow and you almost have to point it at the TV like a rifle. I even had a new remote sent to me and it was exactly the same. I think it's a design flaw. Luckily I'm using the Comcast remote which works great for the TV too so I don't need the TV remote. Don't know why this company doesn't promote itself more than it does (doesn't even have an email link on their website). It's got a great TV (dunno who actually makes it) that I would put up against any of them.
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