New Network, New Technology: BulbTV

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From the article:

"Bulb Television, a new Canadian Category B licensed television service, announces that it is the first channel in North America to announce plans of a 4000 pixel feed. Bulb TV has been transmitting a 4000 pixel feed for internal testing purposes over the last several weeks and will be releasing the signal in 4000 pixel, 1080 HD and standard definition formats upon its launch scheduled for next month. This new format, recently brought into the public eye this week at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada is approximately four times the amount of pixels of a typical 1080 High Definition signal. Bulb Television is also the first to announce its plans to launch an 8000 pixel version of the channel when technology permits, ideally as soon Fall 2014." ...

New Canadian Television Channel First to Announce Launch of 4000 Pixel Feed in North America