New Networks with DTV?


Are there any new TV networks I can expect to get after hooking up my converter next week? I read the retro TV thread which seems cool and all but what else can I expect?


High turnover of stations that aren't fully prepared for the transitions - advertisers would most likely drop their ads, since they wouldn't be able to air them. Some networks might form in higher population areas - there's 3 independent stations here that are getting full cards of programming, 8 channels each. There's one show that's catching my eye - it's a group of South Koreans reviewing online animation productions, with some of the animators/producers/storywriters being interviewed about what they've made. Some of of my favorites: ::: Funny Sky Diving ::: [Cute series of romance between a noodle girl and a ninja] Mr. Simada (Comic series for an actual "smelly man" toy sold in Korea, 2002-2004.) Hell's Boot Camp Episode 2 (Boot camp for young hellions in Korea. It's funny, in an odd way. Appreciated more if you've been in boot camp, yourself.) More episodes from the series of the last, no longer on the Web: Hell's Boot Camp (Apologies for the bad numeration. Still learning Korean.)
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8 programs per channel? That seems so crowed it would look like blocks moving around the screen.
You'd be surprised how good it can look when you're stat muxing with the newest encoders. Ask Falcon.

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