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It's the RCA DTA 880 and I can't find much about it online other than a couple of Youtube vids. So anywho, our local Walmart has them for $50.00 and according to the box it's 1080 and has a USB port for a flash drive to record on' so the bigger the flash drive the more you can record. I wonder if an external hard drive could be connected to record on too? Oh, and it also has an HDMI output on the converter box.

Here's one of the two Youtube vids about this new product.
I brought that one up a few weeks back. Post 18 of this thread.
I agree it is hard to find information on it, and Walmart seems to be about the only one selling it. What little I've read was over on AVS forum. I'm surprised no one over there has started a thread about it yet. The general consensus about it is that it's a RCA branded version of the other low cost boxes. HW-180 and others. Comment was made about the very poor remote that comes with it. I liked the instructional videos. When I was looking I couldn't come up with an owners manual for it. Here is the RCA page.


RCA DTA880 info

There is also a problem when using these boxes. Whenever a bad reception occurs when recording to an ext hdd, the mts file or files become corrupted in areas so the whole recording cuts out and stops playing back. The mts files it creates are due to the 4GB limit on external drives formatted with FAT32. It will increment the segmented recording with mts files numbered mts1, mts2, mts3, with the primary one with just the mts extension. DVR Studio HD 3, DGIndex, XMedia Recode, MediaCoder, TS Doctor, eRight SUPER, will open them but some will not reassign the original PID numbers that need to be in the files otherwise this will prevent the RCA box not to be able to read and playback the files if edited. They need the correct PIDs for video, audio, PMT, PCR. The video PID is 49 in decimal, audio is 52, and PMT is supposed to be 48. But its important to know what those numbers are in hexidecimal 0x30,0x31,0x34.


Yes, you can connect a USB external drive, or a flash drive. I connected an old 80 GB, I had via USB, and it works just fine. However, if you are used to Tivo, or cable DVR, you not getting those type of features. It more like recording with a VCR, were you enter channel, day and time info. And, the maximum number of programs you can program is 8. But it is serviceable, it does the job.


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The RCA DTA880

The RCA DTA880, I find, has some very good qualities.
The recordings are excellent, I use a 128 GB 3.0 USB thumb drive made by Lexor. My main use for the RCA DTA880 is as a timed event recorder for over the air TV. Since my TV is a LCD flat screen with HDMI connections and an ATSC tuner I do not use the RCA DTA880 as a converter.
I have the Coax Output Modulation of the RCA DTA880 set to Loop Thru so the Antenna connected to the RCA DTA880's Antenna Input is available to my TV, so I am able to watch one channel while the RCA DTA880 records another channel. And of course there is some signal loss from the antenna through the RCA DTA880. But it is the same as if I had used a splitter to run the antenna to both the RCA DTA880 and the TV.
The RCA DTA880 has a small foot print at 5 1/4 inches wide, by 3 3/4 inches deep, and by 1 3/4 inches high. However, the depth measurement does not include the connectors on the back.
The included power supply; a switching type, 120 VAC, 0.4 Amp to 9 VDC, 1000 mA; is separate from the the RCA DTA880 and is connected to the RCA DTA880 via a cord, approximately 4 feet, and a barrel plug,
The directions are written in english but are somewhat sketchy as in unclear and not complete.
The amount of recording time needed to record a program varies depending of course whether you are recording a program that is brodacast in High Definition or Standard Definition.
And yes, the remote is small and difficult to use, but if you read the screens that appear and follow the information provided on each of the screens it is not to bad. The supplied remote has 40 buttons in a space that measures 1 1/2 wide by 3 1/2 inches long, the remote itself measures 2 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches long and 1/2 an inch thick. Since I like to have all of my remote functions on a single remote I am using a Phillps SRP5107/27 Universal 7 Device Learning Remote that I had to use the learning function to program the Philips remote with the RCA DTR880 remote. All of the actual remotes are placed in a safe place so they cannot get lost, or chewed upon by the dog.
I have noted that in regards to a similar recording converter box that someone complained about the recorded program appeared in a small box which they thought was how they would have to watch their recorded program. This small screen is just a preview screen and you can easily change to a full screen by following the information on the screen.
If you contact the RCA support staff they will email you a copy of the manual, select Video Players and then select I Still Need Help at the following link:


You may use Avdshare Video Converter to convert DVR to any video format like convert DVR to AVI, DVR to MP4, DVR to WMV etc.


I have a DTA880, but I can't seem to be able to add channels to my list. How do I manually add channels? The auto search and add channels feature will not add my local channels.


Hdmi port

I am not tech savvy. I see there is a hdmi port in the back can I use this to hook up my smart phone to my old tv. And if so how do I do that


Quick question

Can you use this box to stream local cable that your already have that streams 480-720p to enhance to 1080p and also to use as a timed recorder for the shows that come on to late for me


I like your post. My question is related your use of the Philips SRP5107/27. I bought one and have tried to program it to the RCA DTA880 remote without success. I have tried various device types - DVR, AUX, CBL, etc. None of them seem to work. Per the Philips manual, you are supposed to place the DTA remote within 2 - 4 inches, head-to-head, etc. Everything seems to go as described in the booklet, but when I try to use the Philips to turn the DTA On/Off, it does not work.
I did make sure the remote worked by using it on my TV with the suggested code and it worked, although not every function worked (I did not try learn mode on the the TV).
Also, the Philips does not have 40 buttons, were you able to get all 40 RCA DTA880 buttons programmed?
Thank you (If your reply is too engthy for the forum, perhaps you could inform me via e-mail).


Obie2kanobi, your 03-06-2016, 12:35 AM post on using the Philips SRP5107 was very good. I posted the query on 01-19-2017, 05:48 AM. What device setting on the Philips remote did you select for the learn mode? Also, were you able to get all the keys programmed? I had no luck in trying to get the SRP5107/27 remote to even turn off (or on) the DTA880.
Thank you.
I do not have a RCA DTA880, but I do have two Philips SRP5107/27 remotes. I have not found another IR remote that they will not learn the individual commands from when programed slowly one button at a time. The Philips SRP5107/27 remote as best as I count has 44 individual functions that can be programmed for each device. Keep in mind channel up is a separate command from channel down. On a device that a good working manufactures code can not be found every function on the remote must be programmed one button at a time. The manual for the remote is a bit confusing to read.
Two devices I have programed to work with it where the code given is wrong are Roku, and Bose wave radio.
Learning to program a learning remote can be a real pain. It's not an instant procedure.
Even if you can get the power button to work that doesn't mean anything else will. It's always possible that you may have to place the power command on some other button on the remote.
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