New 'Retro' Scores

Just found some more nice retro appliances i'd love to share. i'm a huge retro-fanatic and into a lot of the old 1970s-under things. i've, one by one, been replacing even fixed appliances in my home with 1970s-under components. unfortunately, it doesn't include my computer--now, if i could use this site, or the Internet with a TRS-80 and still play flash videos on the web, i would. sadly i can't replace everything. but:

I just found TWO clocks, like this one. one i got in my shop with the colors being the same as this picture (google images), the other is in my bedroom and is made in a Wood Veneer finish. both work. they're a lot like 'flip-clocks' but they're not flip clocks. they're something i call 'roller-numeral' clocks because that's what the movement does. rolls over every minute like old car dash clocks. other than that, same principle.

The other is a Kenmore 99721 Microwave Oven. now i had to modify the cabinet of my home to accept it but it looks awesome. even the keypad has a wood look. no picture available sadly.