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This question is about "new router settings - gets stuck on "quick settings" & trouble managing devices", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. for roughly two years, i have used my router settings on my spectrum-provided router to manage my family's access to wifi. they were never the best features, but we managed. in a nutshell, i imposed access limits to certain devices.

a couple of days ago, something apparently changed. first, when i connect to the modem/router, i am confronted with a new "quick settings" page that tries to force me to adopt the same password for the 2.4 and 5.0 gb networks. i have reasons not to, and don't want to. it also seems to want me to change my security settings from something other than WPA2 (why would i do this?). is there a way to make this "quick settings" page never appear?

but the main problem is managing access. first, devices i have previously blocked do not appear in the list of devices, even if i want to unblock them. i can block existing, connected devices, which show as red after i block them. but previously blocked devices don't appear anywhere - it's like they don't exist.

another confusing change - managing access now gives me three choices: drop, reject, or allow. what is "drop" and what is "reject"? i can't find anything searching online.

there are other problems with the new update. the router now has trouble remembering the "friendly" names i assign devices (even the ones using static ip addresses), which makes managing devices more challenging.

also, the router now likes to revert to central time, complicating my access times (which are based on pacific time).

has anyone else encountered these issues? has spectrum provided any info? online support points me only to generic info, and i'd like to be armed with the best understanding before i start making calls. thanks!

new router settings - gets stuck on "quick settings" & trouble managing devices?