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No Signal to TV from HDMI
I just bought a new Samsung tv last night ( UN46EH6000FXZA) and I'm having an issue with receiving a "No Signal" message while on the HDMI input.
Everything's connected correctly, but the tv simply will not receive any signal from the HD DVR box through HDMI cables. I've tried switching between the 2 HDMI inputs, swapped HDMI cables between the Blu-Ray player & DVR box and nothing seems to be working. I'm currently using a low grade set of composite cables as component cables between the DVR & TV and am able to adjust the resolution settings and switch the tv in Hi-Def mode, but then when I switch to the HDMI input on the tv it simply will not send a signal to the tv.
Spoke with DirecTV tech support this morning and they didn't have any idea as to what it could be... Would greatly appreciate your assistance!

Apparently this is an OLD problem since the original posts were in 2012. Can anyone advise what the solution turned out to be as I have the same problem now in December, 2016 on a Samsung I just bought. VERY frustrated over this!!! Thanks for any help on this

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