New service upgrade & DVR issue



Tried to call tech support because the usual troubleshooting does not apply to me. That was impossible. I currently have internet only and instant TV with my own modem. When I had Comcast reconnect me a few years ago they only reconnected in my master bedroom and not the living room. Didn't need it. Now as of a few days ago I upgraded my service to internet and X1 TV. I am still using my own modem which is located in my room. I was required to rent a DVR even though I do not want it. It has arrived and I'd like to use it in my living room. I can't connect it to my modem. Can I get the cable connected in both rooms? Or am I stuck to just one room? Can I return the box? I'm watching TV through the App on my roku and everything is working fine. Just can't record shows and don't want to record anything either.

"New service upgrade & DVR issue," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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