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This question is about "New Set Top Box is Very Picky with 'Remote Position/Rotation'", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Just had my DTA replaced with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HDC and it seems that this box is -very- picky about where the remote is aimed in order to get it to respond, I'm wondering if this is normal not.

I'm fairly sure it is box related because using the same remote, I can almost point straight down at the floor, straight up at the ceiling, or even away from my TV and the Volume still responds very well. Compare this to the STB which seemingly won't work if the remote is +/- a few degrees and or a few inches away from a 'sweet spot' area when pointing the remote at the box (the old DTA wasn't nearly this bad).

*Just as a side note- I've already tried using masking tape / paper over the IR receiver in the box to see if there was some sort of interference, can't say it made any noticeable difference.

In the meantime I'm considering some IR 'extenders' as an option in case this is normal...Any ideas are appreciated, thank you for reading.

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