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This question is about "New Spectrum customer with TC8717T modem that keeps dropping connection", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have been on dsl for 10+ years with Windstream. Had a tiny little modem/router that gave whole house wifi no problem with full signal. I could use it on the deck and out in the backyard a good distance from the house.

We finally made the switch to Spectrum due to Windstream only offering 12mb down and 0.6 up which was not doing it with an ip phone, 2 Rokus and a litany of devices. So a little over a month ago got Spectrum's 100/10 and the speed is great. Had an Arris modem and it was awful for range - only reached 1/2 the house and not even 1/2 of upstairs. I used it a couple of weeks and then called support about the cruddy range. They suggested a Ubee and when I went to get one from the local store they didn't have any Ubee and gave me a Technicolor TC8717T. Hooked it up and the range is incredible. Very happy with that.

The problem I have is that it is intermittently dropping both wired and wireless signal. Because I have a Cisco wireless phone adapter (WBPN) for my ip phone (for work), I notice it all day long. I go to send a call out and it doesn't connect. I can check my call log and it states IP phone offline. The phone then blanks out, and reboots itself. If I'm on a call it will go silent for a minute and then reboot. Our Roku upstairs that is connected wirelessly using the Spectrum app will freeze. Have to exit the app, wait for the reconnect and then start the app again. I have logged a few days of this occuring approximately every 42 minutes! I have been in constant rotation with support (mostly via chat as calling is sometimes frustrating). It was suggested trying another Technicolor TC8717T (third modem in about a month) and if it worked fine all day Tuesday I could cancel the tech coming to the house on Wednesday. Well, they didn't set up the modem correctly when I got it home so had to call to get it operating right. Then my home phone wasn't working and they kept trying to set that up but finally just said let the tech work on it.

Tech came out yesterday and went up on the pole out in front of the house. Replaced some cables and connections. Did some stuff with the box at the house as well although not sure what was done there. He also connected in with the modem and said that he believes that it was a Power Reduction setting issue such as is stated here: . I cannot find any documentation with the TC8717T having this setting and can't find the setting in the admin panel for the modem. I've looked at every setting and option. So maybe it's something the techs can access but not the actual user? Anyway, he said he turned off the Power Saver and should be good to go.

Yesterday for 2 hours I didn't notice any issue and thought the nightmare was over. After work I was on my laptop checking out some news articles and a couple of pages wouldn't load - like there was no internet connection (again) and just spinning. Immediately looked over at my ip phone and the lights were orange instead of green and then it rebooted. My stomach got all tied up again and I am so sick of dealing with this. I immediately (well when the signal came back) logged into my account and chatted with a support person to record notes into the ever growing notes for my account that it did it again. I also requested to get the same tech out as I feel he was pretty knowledgeable and had been with TWC for 10 years and knows what he did with the connections to the house. So far today I've noted my phone rebooting at 9:29 and then at 10:01/10:02 I couldn't make calls. The phone didn't reboot but sometimes that doesn't happen - I have to manually reboot it. Now it's just losing connection and tripping the connection enough that it loses the connection but the phone doesn't reboot. I have to manually do it now. This morning I was sick of this issue with the WBPN so disconnected that and connected by ethernet cable directly. Same thing - in fact it was more often dropping the connection. I'd try calling out and my ip phone wouldn't ring. I'd check my system and result would be IP Phone Offline. So kept having to reboot the phone and more often. Something is not right and I'm really tired of it. I have contacted support at least 10x more than in the past 10 years with Windstream DSL.

Any ideas from any Spectrum or TWC super techs or anyone else would be appreciated. Thank you!

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