New Spectrum Email Even slower now. - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "New Spectrum Email Even slower now.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So, lots of complaints about email. Well, here is my view about Web Mail.

I have put up with it because it has always worked so well, except for

the slow speed, especially lately. I still like it but I would think the speed improvement was coming, butI I guess not. The person who designed it originally was a genious but now the service from spectrum stinks. Well enough of that.

I may have a solution. There is a WMS that I like very much. It is similar to email

that Windows xp & W 7 had. The way it works is you can download the email

from speckrum web mail and it does it automaticaly when you click it.

Anyway, if you want to find out about it it, go to:

OE Classic - Easy to use Outlook Express replacement

It comes free for basic or Pro(Fee) for all features. I have basic which ia adequate for me.

Try it out and good luck to everyone.


New Spectrum Email Even slower now.?