New Star Trek Movie

Jason Fritz

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Here's the trailer for Star Trek the movie, opened on May 8th, 2009.


Anybody see it yet?? Previews look great.​


My wife saw it and loved it so much, her and my 8 year old son are going to see it again at 4:00 PM today. I'll stay home and finish the honey do's:confused:
I want to see it, really i do, being a trekkie and all, but i never could take it as seriously what with someone else playing Kirk, Uhura, and Spock. i mean i'm so used to Shatner, Nimoy, and Nichols so much that it won't feel 'right'. that's one reason i never watch the fan-based series on it.


I just don't know. I'm forever stuck with the thought that Shatner and Nemoy cannot be replaced as Kirk and Spock. If we go, I'm sure my son will love it, but it's going to take a lot more than action to win me over. When I heard J.J. Abrams was going to be directing, I remembered what a big pile of dung Mission Impossible 3 was, and I hope that he wouldn't do the same with Star Trek. Trekkies would never forgive him. ;)
Star Trek will never be the same with the Roddenberry's gone and 90% of the original series' cast. (only Shatner, Nichols, Takei, and Nimoy are alive :( RIP James Doohan and DeForest Kelly).

Voyager was the LAST series with any ounce of original trek in it. Enterprise sucked. i only watched one episode and it looked like it was made for the 'new' generation.

If you're not hip today, you're old. sad isn't it?


I've never been a Trek fan, so I went into this movie with a fresh slate, and can honestly say I thought it was great. I never thought I would like anything Star Trek related, but this movie is friggin' awesome!


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I think Leighdu has it right. Old time Trekkers, like me, might have a really hard time with this movie. Honestly, I'm not going to pay money to see it. I think it helps that it's more of a rethink than an actual 'this is how it was'. I'm not sure how that is all working, but that's what Nimoy said, so it sounds more a Stargate SG-1 alternate reality than actual Star Trek. Newcomers to Trek who don't have any preconceived notions or passions might flock to it in droves and just love it.
I saw star trek and loved it! i was concerned that the actors would be way off but they weren't. One part puzzles me, the scene of kirk eating an apple on the bridge. I get the symbolism but didn't all their food come out of this like box? You would think apples would be rare. Just seemed weird.
Replicators didn't exist on NCC-1701. only on the later starships. i think that was mentioned in the TNG Episode Relics where Scotty shows up on The Enterprise-D also they had real alcohol in the original Enterprise and it was replaced with 'synthehol' later on. supposedly without the effects of drunkenness of alcohol but that was later disproven in an episode of Voyager episode Timeless where Seven of Nine suffered the drunkeness of it.