New streaming titles from Netflix for April 22


Have a look at these new Netflix streaming releases. I always liked the Samurai Jack animated series. Some episodes are better than others but the art and content is generally very good. This series goes beyond a child's understanding on a lot of levels. Kids like Jack but for can find a lot in it. YMMV.


The Family

Kings of Pastry

Inside Man (season 1)

The Eagle

On the Job

Kings of Pastry

A Fantasic Fear of Everything

Samurai Jack
(new season)

Robot Chicken (new season)

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (seasons 1 & 2)


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Big fan of Anthony Bourdain. Travel, eat, and drink, and get paid for it.
How can I get a job like that?
I really enjoy Parts Unknown. I think Bourdain has a lot to say about life in various parts of the world, and his foodie travel shows go way beyond gastromic travelogues and venture into global anthropology. I enjoy Morgan Spurlock's documentaries but his TV series get very formulaic very quickly. I think the age of the documentary filmmaker protagonist might finally be over. Most of the best documentaries now are entirely subject-driven.