New to this recomend me an antenna!

Hello everyone! We have moved into our new house and have decided to say goodbye to our cable. We currently have a small RCA indoor antenna we purchased from Menards. It works pretty good as we can pick up alot of channels. The problem being some days it doesnt want to work, seems like its always when there is something you want to watch!!! If i open the window and set it against the screen outside the glass the reception returns and is really good. I assume getting a outdoor antenna would clear up the problems. I want to make sure what i get will have a strong enough signal that I can run the cable into my basemnt and branch it off to all the rooms and not have a problem. Also we do live in Wisconsin so something the snow wont cause issues. I appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks

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After reviewing your TVfool, I'd recommend building a reflectorless Gray-Hoverman pointed east and west. I'd build it using 1/4" copper tubing and 1/2" PVC Ts like the one in this picture.

Channel 8 appears to be a repeat of channel 35 and channel 5 only has "Weather Nation" on it, so I don't think you need a VHF antenna.
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