New Trend? Video providers shaming ISPs


Google has begun showing "quality reports" to YouTube users. When you're watching a video, a blue box may appear below the screen. When you click on the link, it opens up a page which allows you to see not only your internet service provider's stats, but also competing ISPs in the area. This popped up for me recently, so I took the screenshots below as an example.

I read some analysis which claimed the efforts were to shame the ISPs and promote net neutrality, and others which said they would help the ISPs "upsell" customers to higher tier services. So perhaps Google is really just trying to stay on the fence so they can pretend they helped "win" the net neutrality battle for whichever side comes out on top?

Another person recently posted here about Netflix blaming some customers' experience on Verizon (

Have you seen any other video providers shaming the ISPs in this way?