New Tv Shows 2014

The 100 is new TV show airing on Wednesday, March 19 at 9/8c. This show is a Sci-fi drama that shows how adolescents would act, in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. These adolescents will have to fend for themselves, while there are creepy aliens after their lives. Their Parents are too busy watching from the sideline rather than out there helping their children defeat these mutants. They continue to worry, but yet does not try to assist the adolescents. Ali G: Rezurection:, is a new version of the original classic , The Ali Show. If you are the type of individual who appreciate the concept of Borat. Then you will certainly enjoy this unique show. There are a total of 29 new shows airing this year. To view the list of shows coming soon, go to American Dream Builders Pictures - Photo Gallery: Winter TV 2014: Must-See New Shows.

I don't know about you ,but I am an individual who is definitely into Alien , zombie, vampire and movies of that short. It's not so much that I'm in love with these creatures. But rather the fascination of thought. The idea that man kind can think up and create to a certain point, our own interpretations of how these creatures would look in real life. Honestly, I believe up there in the galaxy there are a such thing as Aliens or another form of life. They may not even be green as we paint the picture. But they could very well imitate a human , but have other characteristics about them. I've done my research about Aliens and even wrote for school about the different encounters real individuals down here have had with Aliens. The thing is these Aliens want us to know they're real and not just some thought up creation in our minds. As far as zombies go they're also real. For those who practice evil have witnessed them. As far as Vampires go, take a trip to Transylvania and find out for yourself. I don't really recommend it, but that's just a way of saying the obvious.


About 100. That sound like Gone series, have you heard about it? It's a famous YA fiction series. It's kind of like Harry Potter, even adult can enjoy it looking at it from a certain perspective. The show sure sounds interesting, I'll stay tuned :)


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I might. I don't know. I do like sci fi but I'm a little tired of the formula. I miss SG-1 when it was spot on and easy the best of the modern shows. I watch Continuum. That's pretty intriguing. We'll have to see if anything else grabs me.