New UHF Antenna Is Up, this is the 91 element


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Indeed, as well as just general moving to find a better sweet spot if that doesnt work (you wont be able to drop/raise a 91el far as the mast cannot be too close/cross the elements without a performance hit), now you can all see why meters are so handy hehe
I can try raising it another 8 feet. I have a 21 foot, 1 & 5/8 inch OD pole used for the top rail of a chain link fence like this : GRAINGER APPROVED VENDOR Top Rail, 1-5/8 In x 21 Ft - Fence Rails - 4LVL2|4LVL2 - Grainger Industrial Supply. Plus another 8 foot piece at the bottom raising it to 29 feet. So, Add another 8 foot section to the top end so it would be 37 ft total.

Additionally get a new rg6 coax or fix existing one and maybe try shortening it, bring it straight in the window and to the tv and try that. 40 ft total coax instead of 60. I have extra slack in the cable now anyway because I left it long thinking I might want to raise it higher anyway.

Thanks for the help! So far so good. Overall pleased with the better UHF performance!

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You completely missed what I wrote earlier.

You may not have to go higher in the air and moving your antenna a few inches or a foot or two LOWER may be the perfect spot for your antenna. IF ... you don't try it you won't know for sure.

Step by step: test with what you already have to work with, BEFORE you go higher, which will certainly require guy wires. Keep it simple to start. If your testing proves you must go higher, then go for it.

I agree with Jim. Before going higher, I suggest experimenting first with lowering in 6" increments. Many times after installing, I have found lowering actually improves overall reception. Higher is not always better.

Are you using a amplifier?


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He cant lower the mast without cutting it (other than swapping with the 8ft section, which i agree is worth a shot), he could drop the 91 el down the longer pole, but it would loose efficiency with the mast bisecting it. if he has other lengths around then of course no issues. He's not using an amp yet, but has a 60ft run so it would likely help.
I can get a long 1 & 3/8 tube that will just fit down inside the 1 & 5/8. Make it adjustable that way and use some rubber clamp like a plumbers coupling to clamp it off at a particular height. So I can start at 21 ft and extend the inner tube up in increments and clamp it off.

Again thanks for the help.

I was just assuming going higher would probably be best, but maybe that's not true.

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