New version of DVR software - DirecTV

So dissatisfied with the new DVR software release and its functionality! Been a subscriber for almost 10 years and thought new software would be tested from all standpoints before it's release. Most of my use is from my favorite list and expected the functionality to perform as before even with the new look.
If you are watching 1120 and bring up list of programs, say 1450, hit info button, after reading program desc, hit info button again, rather than staying on 1450 program line it defaults back to 1120. So you have to keep going back each time whereas before it would stay on 1450.
If you hit menu and select favorites, hitting menu again (as before) does not return to live tv but you have to now hit back error, sometimes more than once to return to live tv.
The recording list functionality has also been changed, not to my liking either.
Overall, I think the new software is not up to par with the product I have been accustomed to for the last few years.

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