New Wristband Pauses Netflix While You Sleep

In case you don't closely follow the Netflix Blog, the company holds a Netfilx Hack Day once a year. This year's best entries were posted here by the company:
The Netflix Tech Blog: Netflix Hack Day

Probably one of the cooler inventions from the day is the bracelet that automatically pauses Netflix if you fall asleep while watching content. It creates a "sleep bookmark" for you to resume playback once you wakeup!
Geniuses Invent Bracelet That Pauses Netflix When You Fall Asleep | Betabeat

Not sure if we'll ever see this on the market though. I thought it was pretty cool after falling asleep on the couch last night!


LMBO that is actually very ironic and funny, considering my husband and I both fell asleep last night watching stormchaser on netflix and didn't even realize we had fallen asleep until earlier today when we went to watch more of it and realized that the part we "left off" was not the part either one of us remembered lol. That would be cool but at same time would make me a little nervous. But that is only because my thoughts on things have, gotten "intense" so to speak.


Wow, that is pretty cool. Not for everyone though. I know people who deliberately keep those videos going in the background because it helps them sleep better. They're so used to it that they wake up well weirded out when silence ensues. Buuut I guess that they can use normal television for that and Netflix users will find that gadget useful


If it were to make it to market, how would they actually market it? Like would they make a big marketing campaign on it or something? What do you think they would do?

I personally think that they would have someone in like best buy or wal-mart demonstrate it for people. What I mean by that is, find someone who has narcolepsy and test it that way. At least, it would be a way for people who just fall asleep to have a pretty good paying job... But that is just my thought. If I offended anyone sorry!


That's one of the neater ideas I've heard recently. I don't know if it would sell to people, but I might just get one to show off.

Without clicking on the link, one of the problems I could think of would be that the transition from awake to sleep isn't that abrupt--I think that there would be a couple of blurry minutes between what you actually remember watching and when the bracelet would think you're asleep. Then the next day you'd have to go back to find where you left off anyway, rendering the bracelet useless. If they could actually get it to work well, that would be awesome. It'S tHe FuTuRe!