Question: Newbie Needs Help with Antenna Recommendation


I'm getting ready to ditch Frontier next month and I could use some help. Here's my TV Fool at 25' for a rooftop installation.

I'm basically looking to pick up the major networks. WTIC-TV, WFSB-DT, WVIT-DT, and WTNH-DT. Anything after that is a bonus. The first three I can pick up easily with a cheap RCA Indoor Antenna Model #ANT121R. WTNH-DT doesn't come in at all using that antenna. There are trees and possibly hills blocking direct line of sight to that transmitter.

At this point, I can do a roof mount if that's the only way to get it. However, I'd really prefer an attic mount if at all possible. Just for kicks, here's a TV Fool at 20' for an attic install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The problem I see with WTNH is it is in a direction that puts it in a null to the pattern of most antenna designs, and it is a high VHF signal transmitted on real channel 10. The rest of the major networks in your area are UHF signals coming from the north west.
You really need a two antenna solution. The simple almost out of the box, but in my opinion high priced solution is to use an Antennas Direct C2V and mount the VHF module separately so it can be aimed for reception of WTHN. All the C2V uses for VHF is basically a pair of rabbit ears.
Your RCA ANT121R may be capable of receiving WTNH, but not with it configured, and aimed to receive the rest of your major network channels. You need to experiment to find out. Try laying the dipole rods flat extended to about 14"-15" per side. Aim the antenna toward the south west with the rods pointing north west, and south east. If your TV will support manual channel entry of real channel it can be very useful when channel searching. Many TVs will some will not it is often times not mentioned in the owners manual. Try entering 45 on your remote if the TV searches for a bit then lands on 24.1 WEDH it will support manual channel entry. When searching for signals using manual channel entry you must use real channel numbers as listed on your TV Fool report. Other TVs often have some kind of add channel feature. Some require a complete rescan.
With your TV fool report this could be as cheap and easy as combining a set of rabbit ears to a low priced UHF antenna using a UVSJ. You really need to do some more experimenting first.
As strong as your signals are predicted to be WTNH should not be to difficult to receive if there is a hill in the way that would show on a TV Fool report. A nearby Tree or building will not.