News Corp to enter Spanish-language broadcast network TV with MundoFox network


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News Corp. is launching a Spanish-language network that aims to bring the flavor of its Fox network to Hispanic audiences.

The company said Monday that the new network, MundoFox, will be launched this fall in partnership with Colombia-based RCN Television Group. RCN already produces popular shows for Spanish-language networks in the U.S., such as "El Capo" and "Yo soy Betty la Fea."

MundoFox will be carried on stations covering 75 percent of U.S. households. News Corp., based in New York, says it has several affiliate deals being finalized with top Hispanic markets.

The launch of the broadcast network, which would be available to anyone with a digital antenna, would mark News Corp.'s first foray into a free Spanish language market already served by top-ranked Univision and Comcast Corp.'s Telemundo network.
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More and more even the establishment is recognizing the value of broadcast spectrum while the FCC is trying to squeeze it to death. While I'm sure Spanish speakers are looking for more choices, I see the limited spectrum available for broadcast TV quickly being filled up. We need more broadcast licenses, not fewer!
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It will be interesting to see who their affiliates will be. I know here in Logan, Utah, while there is a large hispanic population, there are only 2 spanish language networks available, Vme and Telemundo. In Salt Lake City there's plenty.

It would be nice to see some foreign language networks other than Spanish, though. Then again, there's only so much spectrum available. And I think here is a true "Spectrum Crisis" - the lack of channels available for broadcast TV expansion, and not broadband wireless. As we have seen, there has been an explosion of broadcast networks since the digital transition, and plenty of stations willing to carry those networks as a subchannel if they have the bandwidth, or new stations willing to take on new networks to serve these profitable niche markets.


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There are foreign language stations other than Spanish, but only in markets like NYC with large foreign language speaking populations. And even then, you'll find mostly Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and (I think) Hindi.

The Hispanic population is too large to ignore which is why so many are jumping on the bandwagon.
I'm surprised this hasn't happened already with Fox or other networks for that matter.

48.4 million million
The estimated Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2009, making people of Hispanic origin the nation's largest ethnic or race minority. Hispanics constituted 16 percent of the nation's total population. In addition, there are approximately 4 million residents of Puerto Rico, a Carribbean U.S. territory.

More than 1
. . . of every two people added to the nation's population between July 1, 2008, and July 1, 2009, was Hispanic. There were 1.4 million Hispanics added to the population during the period.

Percentage increase in the Hispanic population between July 1, 2008, and July 1, 2009, making Hispanics the fastest-growing minority group.

132.8 million
The projected Hispanic population of the United States on July 1, 2050. According to this projection, Hispanics will constitute 30% of the nation's population by that date.
Hispanic Americans: Census Facts —

I haven't found how many stats on Spanish speaking people are in the country yet but these stats tell me there is a market there.


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Well about topic I have read on yahoo many months ago about that tv chains shouldn't ignore the hispanic population on america because they are growing up faster in demographics so the next strategy would be the hispanics niche of business of tv chains.

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