Nextar V4-TV 4.3" Portable GPS Navigation System With ATSC / NTSC TV Tuner


I was looking online tonight and I ran across this Nextar GPS with a built in TV tuner. (It reminds me of the Garmin Nüvi 900T available exclusively in Italy with DVB-H mobile TV. ) Anyway, I don't recall reading that Nextar has ever been a highly regarded brand in the GPS community. I think that this is yet another example of the continuing convergence of electronic devices. Also, with CES 2011 less than a month away, does anybody happen to recall if we usually see new GPS devices announced at CES or are they typically announced at other times? (Who knows, maybe Garmin's next GPS will be a Garmin Nüvi 3795ATSC-M/H with a built in Mobile Digital TV tuner and wi-fi web-browser!) Now if this had Mobile DTV (ATSC-M/H) I might be a little bit more interested. Nextar V4-TV 4.3" Portable GPS: GPS & Navigation

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