NFL Won't Be Going to Cable Any Time Soon


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The hog may be fat, but it’s not stupid.

In an interview with Peter King of, new NFL Network chief Brian Rolapp says that the NFL won’t be shifting to a pay-only model any time soon.

“We have built a very good thing here by making NFL football available to as many people as possible,” Rolapp said. “I don’t see free TV going away.”

As long as the folks who own the free TV networks are willing to pay billions to televise the games, free TV won’t go anywhere. It’s a multi-level win for the league. Huge money on the front end, maximum exposure on the back end.

Three-hour national infomercials. Three of them back-to-back-to-back on Sunday and now (for half the season) one on Thursday night.

While the league derives even more revenue from its Monday night cable deal with ESPN, the audience is smaller. So it’s a device to be used sparingly. The minute the NFL leverages its current popularity into maximum revenue from cable TV (or even pay-per-view) the audience shrinks and, over time, the interest level drops.
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Business 101: Maximize profit over the long term! You may get more money on a cable deal, but when people no longer care, as they cut the cord, it really won't matter. Maximum exposure on free TV drives ticket sales and the sales of officially licensed merchandise, which in turn maximizes profits in the long term. The NFL gets it, and there is a reason that they are the most popular sport in the United States.


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The free stuff on broadcast networks "hooks" people to become hard -core fans and order the lucrative pay TV packages, as well as all that merchandise.

Apple fanboys ain't nothin' compared to hardcore NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR fanboys.