NHL Center Ice Black Out - XFinity

Have had NHL Center Ice for the last year and a half with never a glitch. I am a Florida Panther Fan that lives in Las Cruces, NM 88011.

Last nights game between Ottawa and the Panthers @Sunrise, Florida/BB&T Arena was blacked out in my area (2400 miles away). I am subscribed for the season. All the other games were working fine except other blackouts that are nationally televised on NHL Network and NBCSP. We have 14 channels dedicated to Center Ice in Comcast Las Cruces and there were 14 games last night. The NHL Network game was blacked out and the NBCSP game was blacked out as expected, but so was channel 778 that had listed the Ottawa/Florida game. All of the rest of the games were working and were televised. Have spoken to numerous Comcast service people but nobody can give me a viable answer.

My guess is either NHL Center Ice or Comcast are limited to the number of channels that actually are accepted locally on their receiving dish or cable (whatever they are using today). Since just about the whole league played last night (14 games/28 teams), Center Ice or Comcast must select the most popular games based on bandwidth from their satellite. Since Florida and Ottawa are two of the markets that have poor market share, they were left off the schedule. Could it be they actually rotate various unpopular games to blackout when there is a full broadcast schedule? Rather unfair when you pay Comcast for a full season and because they have limited broadcast capability to save $$$, the fan gets the shaft. I notice that they are limited to two HD channels also where my old provider (DirectTV) provided not only HD channels but the option of choosing which broadcast team to listen to. That's my guess, and any verification would be appreciated.

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