Nielsen Reports Fewer People Own TVs

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Why Fewer People Own TVs

An interesting analysis/article by Swanni:

... "Nielsen attributed the decline to several possible factors including the 2009 Digital TV transition, mobile video and the expansion of online video." ... ... "But I say that's hogwash." ...
You will have to read the article to understand my comment: When I first read Swanni's article I dismissed it as over the top, but then it dawned on me I helped a couple that actually did give up television because the digital changeover "was too complicated for them".

After I learned about their 'problem' I installed a different antenna on their chimney and a converter box on their television. Now they receive 36 free channels.


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I'll take your word for it (too tired to read the whole thing ... lol). I think with all the mobile gadgets becoming common and the other alternatives that it's logical TV ownership would decline.