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I am not receiving audio on NBC Sports ONLY when the English Premier League programs are shown. This includes the live football games and their programs such as Men in Blazers and Behind the Badge. This started about 2 weeks ago. I have contacted customer service several times. I have gotten the excuse of it's a technical issue because of an outage. After the outage was fixed I called again to complain that it was not fixed. They admitted that it was the broadcast company issue and they informed the company of the issue and it would be fixed by 5pm. It was not. I received 2 automated phone called last week stating that the problem was fixed. It asked for me to reply yes it was fixed, no it wasn't fixed, or to talk to an agent. I pressed that I wanted to talk to an agent which it then told me that extension was unavailable. This morning I tried to watch the Premier league and again no audio on the program but audio during during the ads. I called again to customer service to report the issue. Again the agent kept saying it was a technical issue on my end and they would send out a rep. I told her it only happens during certain programs and they would have to come during that time. She wanted to send someone out during a match which is my husbands team was on. I did not want to have the chance that they would disconnect the Internet which is the only way we can watch the matches and asked for a different time period. She said she would escalate the issue and would call me back in an hour. It has been close to 3 hours and no phone call.
This had been extremely frustrating. I had even wrote to NBC Sports which they did not respond. No surprise.

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