No CBS or FOX? - DirecTV

I have service with you mainly for internet and then for tv. I had to go over a month with no service when I moved because you wrre behind in getting service in my subdivision. That caused me to send in my equipment so I lost all my programs on the dvr for the second time. I keep loosing the signal -the last time wss for sevrral days - and NOW you drop two of my local stations! 90% of the shows I watch are on CBS. I work two nights a week so I depend on my dvr to watch the shows I miss.
Why should I continue tv service with you when I could just have internet? It would be cheaper to have internet and CBS all access. I like having a variety of stations for when I'm bored, but it isn't worth what you charge if I don't get two major stations.
Get CBS47 & FOX30 back in the lineup!

This question, "No CBS or FOX?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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