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Wednesday we was watching tv and everything was working normally, turned the tv off around midday and went to watch tv that night and almost 95% of our channels are not working. Saying we need to subscribe to them. Channels like Sprout, DisneyXD, FX, Spike, SyFy, HGTV, DIY, etc. we didn't change our service or anything. My husband called in to find out what was going on and they sent a refresh signal and a reset signal to the same results. They set up a ticket for tier 2 support to call us in 24 hours, that never happened. My husband again called this morning and the lady he spoke to said that an audit was done on our account and we lost chAnnels because it wasn't in our package. (How could that be when we haven't changed our services) well again still no call from tier 2 so I got on chat with Carlo tonight and he said the channels should be working because they are included in our package, he sent another refresh and reset signal to the same results as before. He set up a ticket number for tier 2 to call us in 24 hours. I just want some answers and am tired of getting the run around. Thanks in advance

This question, "No Channels," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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