No Doubt's Performance last night


Wow! I must be working too hard. I missed American Idol last night. I found her American Idol performance on youtube. While I was googling Gwen a few posts thought she was lip syncing. They thought she seemed a bit off as well. I see what you mean by "a bit off". She seemed a little tired. Probably working pretty hard getting ready to go on tour. I bet she'll sound and look good when she finally starts the tour.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Yeah she seemed sluggish and out of wind, but she's been off for a while too, tink she has had 2 kids over the past few years? I was surprised to hear that she's going on tour with her old bland, glad to see her going back to her roots.


I'd like to know what Simon really thought about No Doubt. Out of sync and her voice sounded like she couldn't hit any high notes.
Yeah I wasn't a big fan of the performance...I'm surprised that they are going on tour again as well...especially without having a new album out...but she did seem off and she couldn't hit half of the notes.