No Inbox Email After Transition to New Webmail - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "No Inbox Email After Transition to New Webmail", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Spectrum transitioned to a new webmail service on Oct. 1, 2018. The plan was that when users first logged on, email, contacts, etc. would be moved from the old webmail service to the new. The only thing that transitioned were my contacts and draft mail. I tried logging off and then back on (several times), and the sunburst sits and spins, but no messages appear in my inbox.

In the old email service, only my inbox contained mail. In the new webmail service, the inbox is always empty, *although* the INBOX is badged with "3," as in 3 *new* messages. In total, my inbox should contain 5,216 emails, just like the old, but still active webmail.

After the intial log-on to the new service, when the spinning sunburst stopped, an error message displayed (no error number), reading something like,"An error occurred" (that might be exactly what was displayed -- I wish I had copied it).

I am trying one last thing -- I'e set my computer never to sleep and am leaving the new webmail service up on my browser while the sunburst spins.

-- WOM

No Inbox Email After Transition to New Webmail?