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This question is about "No IPV6 support for Earthlink over TWC cable customers?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. My ISP is Earthlink but I have my internet access over the TWC cable. I pay TWC for my internet access and have a TWC accout number, but I have a 24.XX.XX.XX IP address.

I own my SB6141 hardware V7 modem with SB_KOMODO- firmware. Got this latest version of firmware from a TWC download recently.

I don't have any IPV6 support even though TWC says that they're 100% IPV6. My firewall is IPV6 capable, but I see no traffic when I reboot the modem.

TWC Help has told me that I've got the wrong firmware version for IPV6 and they can't help me since I don't lease the modem.

Does anyone really know if Earthlink over TWC customers get IPV6 support? What version(s) of firmware are necessary on the SB6141? Is IPV6 100% rolled-out on the TWC network? I'm in the Raleigh, NC area.


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