No IPv6 - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "No IPv6", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi

So i'm running the SB6183 with D30CM-OSPREY- installed which is the up to date iPv6 compatible firmware according to TWC's help page.

My modem is an Archer C5 and under the IPv6 status its giving me an address etc.

IPv6 Address: 2605:e000:9fc0:4c:14e5:18bc:e65e:e86f/63
IPv6 Default Gateway: fe88::201:5cff:fe66:c43

But when I go to IPv6, i fail the IPv6 test.
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Looks like everything is setup correctly, but for some reason, it's not quite working correctly..


This topic covered No IPv6, and TWC cable internet service.

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