No local broadcast TV. Possible to pick up signals with an indoor antenna, 2nd floor?

According to TV fool and the FCC website I would not be able to receive any broadcast TV channels. I live in a second floor apartment at the north end of a unit of rowhomes. I have windows to the east and west were I could place a TV antenna near. Is their any special indoor antenna I can buy to pick up weak signals?

Here is my TV Fool report:TV Fool

Is their any way I could pick up any of these channels with an indoor antenna?
The sad truth is that TV fool report is one of the worst I've ever seen. Based upon the posted TV fool report I would have to say you will not be able to receive broadcast television at that location. It would be very difficult even with a large out door antenna system.


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With an indoor antenna you will probably get nothing.

if you had an outdoor antenna you may get CBS and MyNetwork, to the south. You are obviously in some mountains. You might try running your TVfool at differing heights. Try again at 10, 20, and 30 feet, and post the results back here.
Another shot for Grabbit Ears

Spaceghost, welcome!

I may be stepping out on a ledge, but I would suggest that Grabbit Ears WILL get you SOMETHING. Grabbit Ears are the BEST indoor antenna, and you can make them yourself.

Follow the link to the directions and discussion. If anything will work, Grabbit Ears will. What have you got to lose?

(Also, if you receive any signal to work with, Grabbit Ears take well to amplifier use, and two Grabbit Ears used together gains another 5-10 percent boost. )

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Thanks for bringing up that old thread. It had been a while since I had last read it. I am certainly one who enjoys playing with, and reading about home built antennas. I have certainly wanted to post more on simple home built antennas, and probably will when I aquire photo posting skills.
I started this thread to raise awareness that people in America live in areas that lack sufficient broadcast TV signals. Mountains combined with my distance from larger cities and the switch to digital is the reason why my area lacks broadcast TV signals. Unless you live in or near a big city you probably do not get all the major broadcast networks. If I could get CW, MY Network, FOX, CBS, and NBC over the air I would cancel my cable television. It cost $20 to get channels 2-23 plus channels 27,94,98, and 148 from my cable company, that basic TV package is called "Local Advantage". Unfortunately a large number of those 25 channels include two channels of the same network from different cities (I get two MY Network, NBC, ABC, CW, and PBS channels) and four shopping channels

The main thing I don't like about my cable is i cannot get the basic channels in HD unless I subscribe to a bunch of extra channels. I do not have a HDTV yet but will buy one because I recently brought a PS3 and the text is difficult to read in some games on my SDTV. I will buy a 32" 720p TV, I don't want to go bigger, because if I do my SD cable channels will look bad.