No local or HD channels? Solution below. - DirecTV

Seeing DirecTV isn't telling us how to solve this unless you call in. Here is a portion of the post from gtrick that worked perfect for me in only 5 minutes:

"I called service and a very helpful agent got my channels back without having to reboot. What we did was go to menu, settings & help, settings, satellite, and select "repeat satellite setup". It'll ask you to hit the DASH button to confirm, do that, and then hit "continue" on the next screen. I believe it then ran a system test that may have taken a couple minutes, where I just hit the select button to confirm, and then it asked if you wanted to download the advanced guide, and I said yes. It asked if I wanted to watch DirecTV. I selected yes, and I checked to see if my HD channels were showing up in the guide and actually on the TV, and were in both cases. I have them back now!"

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