No longer supporting TiVo On Demand



I have read all the forum listings on this topic. I don't need any more explanations about whether it is TiVo or Comcast, out-dated or un-upgradable technology, legal challenges or stubbornness. I don't care.

The issue is that I am locked into a two year contract and yet what I agreed to is not the service I am receiving. Why is there no prorated option for this "unsolvable problem"? This is breach of service. The option of using the Comcast box does not provide a comparable service to TiVo - the xFinity interface is unacceptably clumsy and slow. There is a reason that elected TiVo ten years ago. And the onDemand interface has not improved in all that time.

"No longer supporting TiVo On Demand," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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