No more 4K DVRs... ever?!



Following up on these 2 answered threads of mine:

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I learned the box I wanted was XG1v4. I learned I should make an appointment. I spoke with a phone rep who assured me my nearest Xfinity store had XG1v4s stacked and waiting to go. I made an appointment for today. I disconnected my old box and drove 40 minutes to the nearest store.

My appointment meant nothing. I waited in line behind old-timers wanting to pay their bills in person and a woman who wanted a lesson in connecting her cable box.

I finally get seen. The guy says he doesn't think they have any XG1v4s but he'll look. 10 minutes later he returns with a box. Another of the same box I brought in to exchange, nicely shrink wrapped. He explains the XG1v4 has been discontinued and there will be no more 4K DVRs from Comcast ever again.

I am not experiencing Awesome.

"No more 4K DVRs... ever?!," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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