No more buffer?





Hello you guys,

I've had this new box for 3 days.

Gettin to know it & the voice remote.

So here is the question:

Was watchin NFL Red Zone.

Went to somethin else for 20 minutes.

Went back to Red Zone thinkin I would be able to see the 20 minutes I was away.

No go..

On the old box you could go back 2+ hours with some channels.

I guess the only way to monitor other channels is to record them?

Its not THAT big of a deal.

At least we have the ability to "tape" multiple channels.

A lot of guys are moanin about no "replay" function.

I was too.

Until I asked the remote to rewind 20 seconds.

No problem!

FF 90 seconds?


Go back 17 minutes?


What's the beef?

Why all the moanin & groanin?

Can't believe the amount of content available.

American Pickers?

360 episodes!

Thousands of titles.


Love this voice remote.

Thanks group,



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