no more price hikes


We started paying for television decades ago because sponsors didnt pay but for public television. Now we have commercials throughout television. I say no more money, we pay enough as it is. Im tired of prices going up for television we pay too much for to brgin with. We deserve discounts!

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:welcome: JulieP!

There are no discounts, but have you tried FREE over-the-air TV reception? I can receive about 36 channels here and I watch 10 of them on a regular basis. Many of the other FREE channels have nothing I want to watch and since they are FREE I don't have to pay for what I don't want to watch.

Knitting and sewing on PBS (free) just isn't my interest, but Cable and Satellite offer the same programs subscribers have to pay for.



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I ended my relationship with the ever increasing bills of pay-TV 3 years ago. I get 24 English language channels including the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, MyNetworkTV, and PBS) in better quality HD than cable or satellite. Plus channels like THIS, The Cool TV, Me-TV, Antenna TV, Create, and MegaHertz Worldview. All of which don't cost me a dime other than the small initial expense of building my antenna system.

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