NO more resutls shows


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Fox may be starting a trend. They have canned the results so for So You Think You Can Dance. I don't have a problem with that. A lot of the reality shows in other countries combine the results with the shows in a different way. From what I've heard, they will just have the results at the beginning of the next week and open up the voting more.


I couldn't figure out what you meant for a moment, but then I remembered watching "American Idol" with my aunt and uncle. I was surprised, and annoyed, when they didn't show the results at the end. I don't care enough about these people to tune into a completely separate broadcast to find out their fate.
I think showing the "results" for any of these shows in a separate broadcast is a formulatic deal....I would assume the various TV producers know the math behind how many folks you get to come back vs not if you make them wait to see who won, lost the most weight, etc. We'll typically DVR a few weeks of these shows though so we can watch both at once! You have to wait a little longer, but we tend to have plenty of content to keep us busy anyway between U-Verse, Netflix, etc on our TV/computers!


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The entertainment on a results show has to be worthwhile; otherwise, just set the DVR to run for the final 5 or 10 minutes of an hour to get the results.