No Ordinary Family - Superhero show is No Good


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Saw the premier of this show last night. Seems to me like the show is way too predictable, especially with the dysfunctional family plot. My guess is that the producers are trying to reach out to the 40-50 year old audience who have to deal with full-time jobs and daily family problems. I'm sure they're connecting with most audience families with each over-dramatized character of the show's family.........................

Mom who works to hard and too many hours.
Dad who doesn't get enough credit at work.
Daughter who whines about the families problems and is dealing with teen life.
Son who doesn't do well in school and is socially disconnected.

I might give the show one more chance but I'm not impressed so far.


I haven't seen it yet, but I think part of what you're seeing is a reflection of a general sentiment that a lot of shows are simply too complex, and therefore not accessible, to the general public. On a more mainstream discussion forum I frequent, the reviews for No Ordinary Family are generally positive, with all the negative comments directed at how risque some of the themes are. (You didn't mention that you had any concerns along those lines.)

Hopefully we'll get to it tonight.


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I watched the premier and it was okay. The problem may be that it isn't sure if it's a drama, a comedy, or a sci fy show. It really is trying to be all three, and that might do it in.
My husband was all excited for this show last week and ended up liking it. He's a big comic book geek so I think he pretty much likes anything with a plot like out of his comics.


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Bicker, did you get around to watching that episode yet? I'd like to see what you think. Maybe I had my expectations a bit too high? I may try to watch the next episode this week.