No signal after 7pm until 9am EVERYDAY!! - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "No signal after 7pm until 9am EVERYDAY!!", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So everyday I have had no internet service from 7p until 9a the following morning. I've had 3 service techs that come out during the hours of 10a-5p when the service works, the problem won't be escalated to maintenance so I've been told until enough people on my street call and report a problem.... I've been given credit due to my frustration for the entire month, however that does not resolve my problem. I do not need service techs to come out and replace equipment and wires everyday, this needs to be resolved. My neighbors are having the same issues. If I could link the video I've made with the modem I would, actually it will probably go on YouTube and be titled "The reason noyou to get TWC"

This topic covered No signal after 7pm until 9am EVERYDAY!!, and TWC cable internet service.
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