"No Signal". all lights on Receiver, will not restart - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, "No Signal". all lights on Receiver, will not restart I have two receivers. My DVR receiver is a black Motorola and is working fine. My non-DVR receiver is a silver Motorola and is not functioning properly. All three lights (green, blue, and red) are lit but when I turn on the TV, it says "NO SIGNAL". I note that the red light should not be on because I am not recording. I have tried holding the power button to reset but it does not work (nothing happens - lights stay on and power does not go off). I have also tried unplugging and replugging both the power and ethernet cables but this does not work either. Lastly, I tried a gateway reset from this website. That did reset the gateway but nothing happened with the receiver I am having problems with - all three lights stayed on, the TV screen did not change. I'm pretty sure my receiver needs to be replaced but would greatly appreciate any other suggestions. Thank you.

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