NO SIGNAL and lost signal - XFinity

ave seen lots of posts about this problem but nothing has helped me yet. I signed up with comcast in June 2016. The tech came out and hooked up my TV. There were no problems for about a month. Then, I turned on my TV one morning and got a message of NO SIGNAL. I called the help number and got some answer about rechecking my cords (which I, of course never touched). That did not help. They said I needed a new HDMI cable so I got one. This message still appeared after a day or two. Please remember, I did not touch anything nor change anything since the technicians original installation. I still never know for sure when, but I continue to get this message. I have had a tech come out and he checked my connection from the outside and said it was strong. What is the real story here????
I have been unplugging the box and putting it back in throughout this time. ?????
I switched from FIOS because of the cost, but I never (ever) had problems like this.

This question, "NO SIGNAL and lost signal," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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