no signal?? AT NIGHT!!!!!!

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Check out the referred post. There are significant pieces of information that you can provide. Based on your supplied information, we'll have a better understanding of your reception challenges and opportunities. Right now, we have no real information about your setup other than you are near/in San Diego.


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Hello sdhoward6!


In order to help, we'll need some more information.

What kind of antenna are you using?

Go to follow the links, input your exact address, and then copy and paste the address bar to this thread, the one with all the Charts and Graphs on it.

What kind of converter box do you have?

If you are using and indoor antenna....What room are you using the converter box/tv in? Does it have windows? Which compass direction do they face?
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we have an indoor antenna phillips brand, and apex converter (best buys)
i did the graph and that does really help out much with "no signal" at night my zip is 92102


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Here is the TVFool for the generic center of the zip code you provided. Its much better to have an exact location, because things can change rather drastically from the center of a zip to a location at the border of said zip.


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maybe you should offer some real help and learn to spell or type the word "THE" kinda simple suggestions everybody can refer people to another website, i was just asking if anyone has heard of this before?

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again not really helpful
has anyone else had this type of problem?
and does this forum get a commission from
We can not be of help if you do not provide answers for our questions, and no we do not receive a commission from TVFool.

This thread has been locked. If you want an answer, I suggest you ask nicely and have a bit of patience.
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