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Well have a question, am experimenting problems of reception with the channel 24 virtual channel 13 on santiago chile but on some nights suddenly get no signal during the news or some HD shows and get back the signal but is signal fluctuation too and was wondering if my small antenna of 8 elements is just not enough or an bigger antenna would solve my problems of signal fluctuation and no signal periods

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I suspect the station is having difficulties.

One of the best things for a situation like this is to know someone who also gets the same TV station from an antenna, and compare your reception with theirs.


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in reality noone else on my area have an digital television or even an rooftop antenna the problem is on nightime and have send mails but do not had any answer by part of the station, also today on daytime had not fluctuactions of signal , maybe there is weather factors in the signal unstability.

what do you think about that, i have an small antenna of 8 bars the 7 bars are smaller for UHF but i do not know if my antenna is the right to use to the digital signal of television being not that closer of the TX antenna and with obstructions in the way.

have seen in an intercative map of google made for the DTV on the country but noone reports problems like this.
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What time (your time) does this happen? I know in the Chicago market, if any station has no signal, it's usually very late at night for maintainance (either at the studios, or the antenna site, usually the latter). When it happens in Chicago, it's usually anywhere from midnight to 5am. Those are the hours when few people are actually watching TV. In rare cases, it might be tropo or e-skip and getting another station on the same RF channel interfering with your local station. More than likely, I want to say that work is being done at the transmission site if it's only happening at night, but not during the day.


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i have discovered the follwoing, well now the problem gets worst as the channel 24 /virtual channel 13.1 gets with some blackout , have discovered that is multipath effect the signal now is at 97% of signal quality , and i suspect that must be overloading my converter box the strenght, now with 97% of signal and get some images freezes.