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I had TV Wednesday night. Got up Thursday morning the TV wasn't working. We've had issues off and on for a while but it usually can be fixed by wiggling the coaxial cable into the cable box. That didn't work this time. So we thought the coax cable must be bad. Got new cable still nothing. Took the TV to another box that we knew worked, hooked it up and it worked fine. Took the TV from that room to the bad spot, it wouldn't work. Tried a different HDMI cable that didn't work. Tried a direct hookup without HDMI still didn't work. Took the converter box to the other room hooked the TV in there up with it. It worked. We have tried everything we could think of swapping TV's cables, converter boxes, HDMI cables and TV's. Nothing seems to work. The TV and the box work fine in another room. Any ideas?

This question, "No signal," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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