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So here's the deal:

I had a standard HD set top box that the Comcast tech installed today. I have a ROKU box going into TV using the one HDMI input port. Since there was only one HDMI input port on the TV, we decided used a 3 jack RCA cable (Video, Sound Left, Sound Right) to go from HD set-top box to TV to get cable. I get sound and pic from ROKU when I switch TV source input to HDMI (just as it should), but when I switch the TV input source to A/V to get cable, I only get the cable picture, but no cable sound. I have no idea why this is. I thought the tech tested and demoed everything before he left today, but I'm not really sure I had him switch from ROKU to Cable to see if both were working properly. I verified and made sure the RCA cable is installed in the proper jacks (red/white/yellow).

There are only 2 possible causes: 1) the HD box is bad, or 2), I have an incorrect audio setting on my TV.

Anyone have any ideas, before I schedule another visit from Comcast?

This question, "No sound on A/V input using RCA cable," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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