no sound or sound with no channels...


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Hello yall! First time poster....I have been reseasrching on here all day, looks like some good info! Here's my deal.......I keep losing the sound on my tv.....rescan and get the sound back, but hardly any channels.....did the memory erase scan and have all my channels but no sound......thoughts? magnavox converter box by the way..thanks!


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Does your Magnavox converter box have a remote with a mute button on it? Try pressing it a couple of times.

If that's not it, I'm afraid the Magnavox converter boxes don't hold up very well. Just to double check, what audio wires are connected to your TV from the converter box? Red and white? Have you tried unplugging them and plugging them back in?


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The only thing Ive ever had plugged into the back is the in/out cables.....Ive unhooked and re-hooked everything and now it wont even recignize any channel upon scanning. So today I got one from my parents that they werent using......worked fine when they unhooked it......hooked it up and it comes on but all i get is a static wont give me the set-up screen......any ideas???/ Thankss yall!

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When you say 'static picture' do you mean a motionless clear image or only 'snow' on your screen? My guess is you need to go into your TVs onscreen setup menu and change its settings from Cable to Terriestrial or antenna, then rescan the box for new channels.

* Be sure the converter box output channel matches the channel your TV is set to receive.



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Thanks, Jim! Im still growling!! When I try to go to the tv menu, it wont let me go up or down on the menu, just changes the channel or the volume! I can see the menu, just cant navigate to it!!
The picture I am getting with the converter is not really static, more like waves and jumpy lines, lol, does that even make sense?? have an outdoor antenna......Im kinda thinking thats the problem, but do they just suddenly go bad??? I know I'm just missing something simple!!