No Super Bowl for Some DirecTV Customers?

Looks like another retransmission fees battle leading up to a major sports event again (just like the World Series in October 2010). A four week standoff continues between Fox Network and DirecTV affecting customers in Southern Oregon, Northern California, eastern Washington and upstate New York.

About 30,000 DirecTV customers in the region served by KMVU in Medford have resorted to rabbit ears antennas or other means to follow NFL playoff games, American Idol and other FOX programming during the interlude. Some have obtained distant network signal, but many aren't eligible for the alternate transmission.
FOX signal still absent from satellite service as Super Bowl nears |

Fringe Reception

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Ha ha. Too bad, so sad.

I receive FOX Network here FREE over the air from both a main transmitter and from a secondary re-transmitter.

Perhaps the DirecTV victims should consider trying OTA FREE TV!

It'll be a real problem for some northern California and Oregon DirecTV customers. Not as easy as installing an antenna due to terrain issues, so I'm sure there will be a lot of ticked off customers if Fox and DirecTV doesn't work things out.


And we will broadcast the Super Bowl on two transmitters, with one signal being 720P HD from 4,000 feet, and the other being 480I SD from 3,000 feet. I hate the Super Bowl, as I have to report to work Sunday Night at 5:00 PM, and stay here during the entire game, and I desperately despise football in general. If it ain't got a motor and or wheels, it ain't a sport to me, with one exception being Ice Hockey, which I used to play in my younger days.