No surround sound after uverse update - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, No surround sound after uverse update I came home today to find my wireless receiver had the standard message that it was unable to connect to the gateway and needed to be restarted.

I clicked "OK" to restart receiver and after restarting it was unable to connect. I tried this three times and was unable to connect. I decided to restart my gateway and after it was up and running I restarted my receiver again. This time it was able to connect sucessfully however on start it began download an update. After the update completed the receiver restarted & after it was up and running I was no longer able to get sound working.

My setup is: Wireless Receiver ----> HDMI----> TV---->Optical Out----> Digital Sound Decoder----> Logitech 5.1 speakers (via 3x3.5mm jack for CEN/SW FL/FR SL/SR)

Looking at my Uverse UI there are some differences in the new version notably the left sidebar menu when pushing the "Menu" buttton. Looking at the System Info screen my client version is: 2.6.31312.54 (RELEASE)

Can you please provide the release notes for this latest version, there were obviously changes made to either the supported "Surround Sound" formats. I would like to know what changed to help me troubleshoot my issues.

Before I get a suggestion to simply run an optical cable directly from my receiver to the decoder, if I do this I get sound but I lose the ability to control the volume with the uverse receiver. Meaning that I hear nothing when the uverse volume is at 0 and I hear the same volume 1-25. This was the biggest reason I had my setup listed above.